My apologies

Apologies for what you must say. I say for not writing. Writing for the ones who follow me. And for the my apologies goes out the them. So for you guys I will write more for my crazy thoughts. 

For those of you who can write a million times better then I. 



Re-Fresh. What is the meaning. I know many of you know what’s the meaning of Re-Fresh. 

If you don’t know. I’ll tell you. 

First and foremost your Spiritual Being should be Re-Fresh as many times a day as possible. Whatever that may be Re-Fresh that motherfucker. 

To two three times a week you must Re-Fresh you muscle mass. All of or muscles mass. That you should know to. 

Whatever your money making skills maybe Re-Fresh it at every opportunity. Go back and pin point the beginning and start over again. 


Hey!  You . Why don’t you believe. You are Dead. Yes Dead in the real sense. As being Dead. I mean…there is no other way to say it.  YOU ARE DEAD.  

  1. Okay now look. I know that you may be thinking. This guy is a real piece of shit. I say to you. Go fuck yourself. I say that to say this.  Why are you in HELL.  HELL you may say. Fuck yeah.  I say HELL. BECAUSE IF THERES IS A CHILD IN THIS WORLD WHO IS GETTING MISSED TREATED IN ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER and how YOU. You, you, you, you. As ADULTS As witnesses. See and hear about these things.  Would you want to be live